The Graceful Cookie
The Graceful Cookie
The Graceful Cookie

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Crafting the best cookies & dough you can buy

Natural Bakers Since 1995

The Graceful Cookie is a dough and cookie manucrafter located in Northern California's Napa Valley Food Region for over 25 years.

The Inspiration Behind Our Business

The Graceful Cookie™ began baking in 1995. A single-family biscotti recipe was the starting point. We baked biscotti at home for personal use and soon realized that our biscotti could compete in quality against well-established brands. We started offering biscotti to local delicatessens, coffee shops, and grocery stores. As the demands increased, we eventually built our commercial bakery solely dedicated to hand-crafting cookies.

The Graceful Cookie

Passion for the

Best Quality Flavors

With our scoops in hand, we took to mastering how to craft the best cookies commercially. Unlike others who use junk like artificial flavors, we use butter, small farm grown flour, cane sugar, and top-shelf chocolate to produce the best flavors.

The Graceful Cookie

California Grown

We are committed to using California grown materials for our products. We use locally sourced ingredients, including wheat milled by Guisto’s in South San Francisco. We exclusively use Guittard chocolate products made in Burlingame and Barry Callebaut made in Napa Valley, challenge butter from Central California, and C&H cane sugar, which has a processing plant near our bakery.

Ingredients with Integrity

Along with local ingredients, we have taken the time to individually select specific vendors that are committed to raising the bar. We use non-GMO flour and rBST free butter. It is imperative for us to make the safest and tastiest products. Integrity starts at the farm.


Just Cookies

We are cookie experts, that is the only product we make, nothing else.

Our sole focus is on providing a comprehensive solution to any bakery department.

The Graceful Cookie

Bakers for Chefs

The Graceful Cookie provides cookie dough, custom solutions, and baked cookies in a wide variety of sizes and flavors for chefs. We support many top chefs’ award-winning bakery programs in retail, restaurants, hotels, and corporate food services.

Our owner, David Dodson, is a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America and understands the demand for high quality, cost-effective solutions. We love to support chefs, bakery managers, and pastry chefs in achieving their goals when it comes to serving the best cookies.


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The Graceful Cookie