Sanitary Wrapped Jumbo Cookies for Your Open Deli Case

Safe & Sanitary Wrapped Artisan Cookies for Your Deli /Coffee Program, 3oz. UPC

Chocolate Chip, Ginger Snap, Oatmeal Raisin, Peanut Butter Zebra

Retail Clamshell Program

Peanut Butter Zebra, 8 clam shells/ 10 cookies / 10 oz ea

Our most popular cookie, with lots of natural peanut butter and dipped in Guittard natural coating.

Ginger Snap Molasses, 8 clam shells / 12 cookies / 10 oz ea

One of our best sellers with its crinkly sugar coated exterior and a rich chewy interior. Sure to win over any ginger cookie aficionado.

Chocolate Chip Cookie, 8 clam shells/ 12 cookies / 10 oz ea

Our classic favorite made just like you would at home, crisp exterior, soft interior. Full of Chocolate chips.

Meyer Lemon , 8 clam shells/ 10 cookies / 10 oz ea

Rich all natural white Guittard coated soft and lemony cookie.

Raspberry Thumbprint, 8 clam shells / 6 cookies / 7.5 oz ea

Packed with almonds and filled with raspberry jam, baked extra long to get a rich roast on the almond and an extra crunchy butter cookie.

Oatmeal Raisin , 8 clam shells / 12 cookies / 10 oz ea

Another timeless classic done right, lots chewy rolled oats and raisins.

Mexican Wedding Cookie

The munchiese, crunchiest Wedding Cookie you will ever taste. Classic family favorite.

Russian Tea Cakes, 8 clam shells / 10 cookies / 7 oz ea

The best tasting walnut cookie on the market. Filled with walnuts and roasted slow and long to create its signature flavor and crunchy and tender bite.